Welcome all to the Kentos Wiki! This is a safe haven for the myriad of creative projects headed by the admin of this particular wikia. Articles held within this wiki all take place in the Realm of Raeltir series and its assorted spin-offs, adaptations, back-stories and other such money grabs.

Raeltir is a fantasy world, roughly twelve thousand years old. A titanic war between the gods of good and evil four-thousand years ago has plagued the planet with all sorts of magical, monstrous and bizarre creatures, which the inhabitants are still trying to come to terms with. There are demigods, elves and dwarves, angels and demons, magic popes and accursed necromancers, and much, much more!

This wikia is currently undergoing a major overhaul to remove the 13-ness of its earlier pages. I highly advise anyone who has stumbled upon this place to ignore the majority of the sections held within. Here are a few select articles to give you a taste for the setting: Anzalibur, Daddoth, Mellark, The Darkness.

All in all, have fun and happy reading!

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